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Being a wholly owned subsidiary of HBZ group, over the years HCB maintains an extensive worldwide correspondent-banking network. This allows customers to freely access the bank's own network of branches and subsidiaries based in four continents, as well as to provide a one-stop shop for their international trade needs.

HBZ's internationally driven Relationship Centric approach provides a gateway to international trade with over 1200 relationships spanning 130 countries, including some of the smallest banks in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Turkey.

"THE BANKER" Magazine (July 2012 issue) ranked HBZ as the "5th Most Sound Bank" in Switzerland and as the "152nd Soundest Bank" in the world, moving up from 174th in 2011.

Global Ranking 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007
World ranking in soundness (out of 1000 banks) 152 174 155 110 198 224
Ranking in Switzerland (out of 312 banks) 27 26 28 27 25 27
Ranking in Switzerland in soundness (out of 312 banks) 5 5 4 3 4 6
B/S capital adequacy ratio 19.36 16.09 14.5 15.3 14.78 14.78


"THE BANKER" Magazine (July 2012 issue) ranking further demonstrates HBZ's reputation and enables it to liaise with a wide range of banks, including leading global Financial Institutions on equal footing. Moreover, this also allows HBZ to customise trade finance banking needs to suit various preferences of its customers and provide bespoke solutions based on individual client needs.

The Bank provides leading edge Financial Institutional relationships for all Trade Finance & Cash Management products such as Trade Letters of Credit, Bills for Collection, Trust Receipts and Payments. Whether its Letters of Credit (L/C) Advising, Confirmations, Bank-to-Bank reimbursements, Country and Bank risk based bill discounting or for that matter any Inter Bank Trade Finance related transactions - we can assist you with a wide variety of services.

HBZ has a dedicated Group Financial Institutions centre based in Dubai, UAE. HBZ's specialised trade desk at its international network of branches and subsidiaries coupled with its correspondent banking relationships with over 1000 banks worldwide, places it in a unique position to support your business needs. We facilitate access to the fastest growing markets and trading zones.

LC Advising: With our network of branches and subsidiaries located in the world's financial centres spanning 4 continents, our export departments facilitate access to local and regional banks for your LC advising needs at competitive rates.

LC Confirmation: Does your business require risk mitigation while dealing with buyers from a risky economic environment? HBZ has gathered a wealth of experience in assessing the vicissitudes of the global economic environment and Financial Institutional risk. With Limits for a gamut of banks in developed and emerging countries, we offer efficient services and competitive pricing for confirming and negotiating L/Cs globally.

Letters Of Guarantee: HBZ's designer-made solutions offer a full range of guarantee instruments to cover performance and financial risks that may arise from business transactions. These solutions endeavor to facilitate foreign trade through Inter-bank co-operation from all our international locations.

Bank risk discounting: Assuring a funded program that benefits both our Business and FI clients, HBZ provides L/C bill discounting facilities after acceptance from Issuing Banks under limits established for them. This enables an efficient and effective process that opens up a range of possibilities for the funding needs of our customers.

Trade Advances: As a leader in Trade Finance, we can leverage our global FI relationships to assist our clients. Whether its post shipment importer's financing, Advances under trade finance, Forfeiting or Rediscounting of Export Bills, HBZ's dedicated FI team can arrange a flexible and wide array of funded products under limits.

Global Trade Distribution Desk: The specialised team in Dubai, UAE handles trade distribution under the Master Risk Participation Agreement (MRPA) and is committed to ensuring our FI partners do not miss out on any Bank risk transactions. By maintaining credit lines for even the smallest banks, we cover developing nations in MENA, South & South East Asia, China, etc. extensively and are able to Offer and Accept disclosed and undisclosed Trade Syndications from Group Financial Institutions. Moreover, our strategically located subsidiaries enable us to offer seamless coverage through their own MRPA agreements.

Account operations: Our locally based teams offer unique correspondent banking and account management packages for local and international currencies. Our Head Office in Zurich participates as a Direct Clearing Agent in Euro and Swiss Francs. All your accounts can be viewed online through our secure online platform and funds in these accounts can be utilised for your Trade Payment and Reimbursement needs.

All these processes are managed in a strictly regulated environment and our compliance teams ensure confidentiality whilst adhering to stringent international KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-money Laundering) standards.

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