Trade Finance
Solutions with the right financial provider plays a big part in international business success

As every commercial business is unique, we work with you to centralize your trade activities and design a suite of trade solutions geared to your underlying business flows. Our Relationship Managers focus on understanding your business and provide you with the trade finance solution catered to your needs backed by our team of trade specialists.

  • Access to an experienced relationship manager and knowledgeable back-office trade team
  • Global reach through the parent bank network and through the relationships with other major banks around the globe
  • Quick and efficient processing of your trade transactions
  • Competitive rates
  • Post-shipment financing
  • Discounting of Documentary Letters of Credit and Documentary Collections
  • Issuance of Import Letters of Credit
  • Import financing to augment your working capital needs
  • Invoice financing
  • Help you arrange Receivable Insurance to protect your export and local receivables

Post-shipment finance

Upon presentation of the required shipping documents you can avail financing against Letters of Credit or Documentary Collection.

Documentary Letters of credit

Documentary Letters of Credits (LC) is a secure way of conducting international trade. The importer and exporter deal in confidence with one another, secure in their understanding that payment will be made if the transaction is carried out in accordance with the terms of the Letter of Credit, subject to the Uniform Customs and Practices for Documentary Credits (UCP). Our trade services team is well-versed in the UCP rules and regulations, enabling our customers to receive excellent and efficient service. Financing under Documentary Letters of Credit (LC): The bank offers financing by discounting your LC compliant documents to augment your working capital needs.

Documentary collections

Make and receive payments with your trusted trading partners using Documentary Collections. Using import and export documentary collection is a straightforward and cost-effective way to make international trade payments.

Financing under Documentary Collections

The bank provides financing by discounting your Collection documents to increase your working capital. Taking out receivable insurance against your buyers not only protects you from non-payment, but will also make financing more accessible.

Bridge your working capital needs with:

Import financing (Trust Receipt) Short-term funding to bridge working capital gaps in the interval between paying suppliers and receiving payment from buyers.

Invoice financing

Finance your local Accounts Receivables (provided they are insured by an acceptable Receivable Insurance company).

Pre-shipment finance

Once you have a confirmed order from a buyer, backed by a documentary credit, we can provide you with secured working capital financing. This helps you produce and ship the goods, allowing you to take on new contracts and grow your business.

Bank Guarantees and Bonds:

Bank guarantees and bonds support your ability to perform under a contract or meet payment obligations. Whether you require financial guarantees, bid bonds, or performance bonds, Habib Canadian Bank can help you with these most widely used forms of guarantees and bonds. These services can help you secure major contracts and gain new business. We also provide Standby Letters of Credit, which perform a similar function to bonds and guarantees. As every commercial event is unique, we work with you to centralize your trade activities and design a suite of guarantee solutions geared to your underlying business flows. Button: Contact us for further information.