Our services for your specific needs

A bank where personal service is principal. With HCB’s unmatched ability to offer all the banking services that are expected from a large institution, HCB firmly believes in one-to-one relationships with its clients. Whether you want a current account, a loan, or to save, at HCB we can offer you products that suit your specific needs.

Contact any of our branches to benefit from any or all of the products and services listed below.

Safe Deposit Box

Whether you are looking to protect important documents or items, HCB’s safe deposit boxes are securely maintained in our vault for your use. You can visit any of our branches in the GTA to avail of this facility.

View our safety deposit box options and rental fee

Global Wire Transfers

Home Remittance at NO COST!

HCB offers all its personal customers free home remittances. If you have a family back home in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, or anywhere else in the world****, and you send them funds regularly, you may want to open an account with Habib Canadian Bank and take advantage of our home remittance transfers at no cost. This service offers the following benefits:

  • Sending money to your family at no cost*
  • Preferable exchange rates compared to other banks
  • Quick and efficient handling of the transaction by knowledgeable staff
  • A bank that builds upon strong relationships with its clients and communities, committed to providing you with the right support
  • Access to exceptional personalized service
  • Minimum remittance of equivalent CAD$500.00 per transaction

*Certain Conditions Apply

**Subject to availability of currency and regulations